Mother ‘sold drugs to feed her daughter’

A single mother turned to selling drugs because she claimed could not afford to feed her young daughter.

Twenty-one-year-old Paula Kasprzycka, was caught when police searched her home in Exeter Road, Newmarket in June last year.

On Thursday, Ipswich Crown Court heard that officers found five small cannabis plants on a window sill of the house and a small quantity of cannabis, three Ecstasy tablets and three MDNA tablets.

Prosecuting, Martin Ivory said it was estimated that the cannabis plants found would have produced £1,800 worth of the drug if they had reached maturity.

When interviewed, Kasprzycka told police that she had lost her job, was short of money and needed cash to pay for food to feed her daughter.

Mr Ivory told the court that checks on her bank account showed that Kasprzycka was overdrawn but she had made cash deposits of between £50 and £80 several times in the month before her arrest.

Kasprzycka said that she had taken out payday loans which she was struggling to repay. After buying £100 worth of cannabis from a dealer, Kasprzycka said she had used plastic bags from a car boot sale to repackage it into smaller lots which she had sold at £10 each.

At the time she was arrested she had managed to sell £70 worth of the drug.

The cannabis plants had been grown from seeds which she took from the cannabis she purchased, said Kasprzycka.

Representing herself in court, Kasprzycka said she had run into financial problems after waiting three months for benefits to be paid to her.

“I’m sorry for what I have done. I know I was stupid,” she told the court. “I have found work and I will try to do well now.”

Kasprzycka had pleaded guilty to two offences of possession of drugs with intent to supply, one of possession of cannabis and one of possession of MDNA and also production of cannabis.

Sentencing Judge David Goodin told Kasprzycka: “Drug offences are serious offences. You have been a fool. Don’t be a fool again.”

And he warned Kasprzycka that if she ever admitted or was found guilty of drug supply offences again she could expect to go to straight to prison.

Kasprzycka was made the subject of a 12-month community order during which time she will remain under probation service supervision.

The order also means she will be electroncally tagged to ensure she abides by a 7pm to 6.30am curfew at her home address for the next 10 weeks.