Man told to address drinking after attack

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A Newmarket man who assaulted his former partner’s father with a pool cue has been told to participate in a programme to address his drinking.

Ben Payne, 29, of New Cheveley Road, pleaded guilty to assault by beating and possesion of an offensive weapon in a public place when appearing at Ipswich Crown Court on Friday.

The court heard how on December 4 Payne had gone to the home in Newmarket of his ex-partner, who is the mother of his two young children.

Juliet Donovan, prosecuting, told the court that while Payne was at the house he had become involved in a scuffle with the woman’s father.

Payne left the property but returned a short time later brandishing a broken pool cue and assaulted the victim, who suffered soreness to his neck which is still troubling him.

Miss Donovan told the court witnesses had described how Payne had been shouting and swinging the pool cue which the victim managed to get away from him and throwinto a garden.

Payne, who alleged that he had not started the incident, was drunk and later told police that he could hardly stand up.

The court heard that Payne had said that if he had been sober the incident would never have occurred.

He did not know why he was carrying the pool cue.

Hugh Vass , mitagating,said Payne had gone to his GP to seek help with his alcohol problem and been prescribed medication which made him violently sick if he consumed alcohol.

Payne had expressed genuine remorse for his actions, said Mr Vass.

Sentencing Payne, Ann McAllister, recorder, placed him under Probation Service supervision for 12 months and ordered him to participate in an alcohol treatment programme.

In addition, Payne will be subject to a 7pm and 7am curfew confining him to his home address on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the next three months.