Man slams fly-tippers for blighting village

A Burwell resident has hit out at fly-tippers for dumping “lorry loads” of rubbish and furniture on the outskirts of the village.

The man said sofas, fridges, garden rubbish, tins and household waste had been left at the side of the road in First Drove on and off for the last ten years.

He said the constant “filth” had created an eyesore and an infestation of rats.

“Rubbish has been accumulating there for years,” he said. “When people come down and see all that filth, what must they think?

“You can go up there in the mornings as it starts to get light, particularly when it’s warm, and you will disturb the rats. You can see the surface shimmer and it’s all the rats running away, there’s loads of them.”

Despite making repeated appeals to East Cambridgeshire District Council (ECDC), responsible for waste, to remove the rubbish, he said “it just keeps coming back”.

“It’s terrible in these times of austerity spending taxpayers’ money on rubbish because people are not disciplined,” he said.

Hazel Williams, Burwell parish councillor and ECDC councillor for Burwell, said the problem “has been going back years and years and it’s never really been solved”.

A spokesman for East Cambridgshire District Council said: “We apologise for any inconveniences caused to local residents and we will make sure it is removed as soon as possible.”