Life saver now in place at town primary school

Angela Finn receives defibrillator ANL-140318-163124001
Angela Finn receives defibrillator ANL-140318-163124001

A life saving piece of equipment is now in place at a Newmarket school.

Ditton Lodge Primary School is the home for the new public access defibrillator which has been installed as part of the East of England Ambulance Service’s community public access defibrillator project (CPAD).

The project aims to place the equipment at strategic locations around the community, publicise their benefits and offer awareness sessions.

“It seems logical to have it on our wall. It is an easy point of access and reference in the community,” said Ditton Lodge head teacher Angela Finn. “It has given the general public a piece of equipment that could save their life while they are waiting for an ambulance. And it raises awareness that there’s a project to get these defibrillators into communities so that lives can be saved while ambulances are on the way,” she added.

It is also hoped the siting of the new piece of equipment will encourage volunteers to come forward to be trained as Community First Responders.

The Newmarket branch of the Royal British Legion has provided the funds to install and maintain the defibrillator.

Training will be held at Ditton Lodge school for town residents who want to learn how to use it. For more information call the school on 01638 613001.