Letter: More ad breaks

I have just renewed my TV licence.

However, I have a Freeview TV and every six months or so I notice extra free programme channels to watch (Sky TV are worried about this and most people know why).

But indeed there are also the BBC channels and my licence fee is only paid for viewing/hearing BBC television/radio stations, not for having a radio or television, but we are made to think the latter.

Some of our licencing fee goes to trying to detect people who have not got a TV licence or have simply forgotten to renew it, ie be it by the old way of detector vans using fuel and staffing going about the UK to catch out people who have not paid the fee, or detection in a more modern, technical way.

BBC TV are advertising their own products so why not products from other companies and get revenue that way; lets say starting with commercial breaks on BBC2 and a percentage of the revenue paid to the Government.

So, if my suggestion was to happen, the TV licence could be scrapped and then there would be no wide-spread evasion of it and no expense and time taken up enforcing the law against those who did not have a licence or will not or can’t afford to pay the extra penalty fine of £1,000.

Raymond E. O. Ella

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