Letter: Foxes are pests

As many of you will know, there has been yet another fox attack on a child.

When will the town authorities accept that foxes are dangerous predators and an opportunist carnivore which will take any kind of prey, including potentially babies?

The animal should not be given free run of our towns and cities, but should be controlled like any other pest.

I was shocked to hear a so-called pest controller on TV this morning, February 11, condoning the existence of the animal amongst the population of London.

With so many foxes being around, people will not feel safe leaving their doors or windows open on hot summer days for fear of intrusion by these killers.

The man also refuted that the fox had attacked the child, making some excuse that it was attracted by the baby’s nappy.

Obviously he has been brainwashed – the mother had to fight the animal off. Is he calling her a liar?

Chris Packham, Springwatch presenter, suggested that the foxes have unlimited food supply via thrown away takeaways such as KFC and McDonald’s, which explains the huge explosion in the fox population.

If the authorities addressed this, the problem would go away.

Perhaps they could see to all the other littering while they are at it. I for one won’t be holding my breath.

In short, the fox is a pest. Control it!

Len Rix

Thetford Road