Tory wins district seat after two recounts

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editorial image

John Bloodworth has been elected into the vacant seat at Forest Heath District Council.

Mr Bloodworth, who is the current chairman of Mildenhall Parish Council, was elected into the Market Ward seat, left vacant following the death of Malcolm Smith in October, on Thursday.

The Conservative Party representative polled 266 votes, just three ahead of his sole challenger for the seat UKIP’s David Chandler.

Votes were re-counted twice, while five votes were spoiled. The turnout for the election was 16.88 per cent.

“I was a bit surprised at how close it was and I was a bit disappointed with the turnout but I am pleased with the result,” said Mr Bloodworth.

“I enjoy my parish council role but I am looking forward to the new challenge as it is something I wanted to do.”

Mr Bloodworth, who until earlier this year jointly run Mildenhall engraving firm Personal Images, has outlined two early things he would like to achieve in his new role.

“Subject to funding I would like to work with my counterparts at Suffolk County Council to get a zebra crossing put in place on Kingsway near the old cemetery, along with trying to bring more jobs into Mildenhall.”




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