Thieves steal triathlete’s bike

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Thieves have left a leading local triathlete feeling violated after stealing her first ever competition racing bicycle.

Angela Joiner-Handy discovered that thieves had stolen her Merida road race bike from her garage in Mildenhall earlier this month.

Not only did the thieves steal the former Newmarket Cycling and Triathlon Club member’s bike but they also made off with her husband Lou’s Carrera Vanquish road bike, and two sets of wheels, including one racing set.

“Although I was no longer using the bike in triathlons or duathlons I just feel so violated and gutted as the bike held sentimental value, while my husband’s bike was joint Christmas and birthday present,” said Angela.

“Why can’t these sort of people go out and work hard like I do if they want these things. Stealing is so weak.”

Thieves stole the two bikes and two sets of wheels, valued at around £1,000, after entering the couple’s garage through a window at the back of the building.

Both the bikes and the accessories were then loaded into a van before being taken away.

“Lou said to me did I know anything about this piece of glass near the garage. It was then when I went over to take a closer look that I saw the window frame had been tampered with,” said Angela.

“They didn’t even open the garage door to get the bikes and wheels out they just climbed over all of our stuff in the garage and took them out through the window they had come in through.”

While Angela, a teaching assistant at Beck Row Primary School, no longer used her bike, which she had owned for four-and-a-half years prior to the theft, in races anymore it was still used regularly.

“The bike had become my training bike and I had started using it in criterium events around Elveden,” said Angela.

“It is such a shame it has been stolen as it was perfect to use for that type of training.”

A spokesman for Suffolk Police confirmed that bikes along with the two sets of wheels were taken from an outbuilding in Mildenhall between 8am December 5 and 8pm the following day.

Anyone with information regarding the theft should contact Pc Ian Hawker at Mildenhall Police on 101.




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