Teenager attacked at charity boxing night

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The parents of a teenager badly beaten following a town charity boxing tournament said there should have been more security cover at the event.

Mike Capp and Fiona Black contacted the Journal after they read a report in last week’s edition in which the organiser of the tournament referred to their son’s beating as an incident which was “supposed to have happened.”

Ryan Capp, of Manderston Road, had been celebrating his 18th birthday at the white collar boxing event which was staged at Tattersalls on Saturday, November 9, and promoted by ex-professional fighter Pat McAleese.

According to his parents, as Ryan, who is a student at West Suffolk College, left 
the venue and was making his way towards the car park, 
another female spectator trod on his girlfriend Kim Berry’s foot.

As Ryan tried to calm the situation between the two he was attacked by two men who were at the venue with the other woman.

Pushed to the ground he received a severe and sustained beating resulting in injuries to his face and head which required treatment from paramedics.

The police were called and are continuing to investigate the incident.

Ryan’s mum, Fiona, told the Journal: “I was disgusted to see that the incident had been described as ‘a minor altercation’ and ‘the sort of thing that was supposed to have happened’.

“Unfortunately there was no supposed, it actually happened.

“It is sad that a charity event for a good cause had to end in such misery for my son who on his 18th birthday was severely beaten.

“It is a birthday he will never forget for all the wrong reasons.

“It’s such a shame that the security was insufficient given the fact the event attracted a huge and varied crowd fuelled by adrenalin and the alcohol that was being served.

“It should and could have been a good evening for all to enjoy.”

The show had raised £1,044 for the Bury St Edmunds-based St Nicholas Hospice Care in memory of Marion McFarlane, a Newmarket woman who recently lost a long battle with cancer.

“I must stress my son and I are not against this event being held at Tattersalls in future,” said Ms Black.

“We would just hope it would be responsibly secured by way of enough CCTV, police and security guards to prevent this kind of behaviour happening again as I do not see why two unruly individuals should be able to ruin this for everyone else.”

Soon after the event, Tattersalls informed the promoter that it would not be staging any more of his shows at the Park Paddocks venue.




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