Survey shows 10,000 face debt nightmare

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Around 10,000 people living in Forest Heath are currently struggling with debts.

According to a survey undertaken by The Money Advice Centre, 17 per cent of the population of the district, which includes both Newmarket and Mildenhall, have been at least three months behind with their bill repayments during the last six months.

The statistics put Forest Heath 170th out of 406 local authorities which are included in the survey.

“In the last two years we have been very busy with appointments at our Mildenhall centre at the King’s Project so these figures do not come as a huge surprise,” said David Chambers, Mildenhall-based Christian Against Poverty (CAP) debt coach.

“Although Forest Heath is in the middle of the table there are certain pockets in towns and villages in the district that are really struggling.”

With Christmas fast approaching Mr Chambers urged anyone who may have concerns over debts to get in touch with CAP for advice ahead of what is traditionally a time of year when people are tempted to spend money they don’t have.

“People feel the need to over spend at Christmas to meet certain expectations, which can lead to the creation of bigger problems during 
the next year,” said Mr Chambers.

“We urge people to think long and hard before going down that route, and, if they do find themselves with money troubles, to get in touch as we are here to help. “

For more information and advice contact 0800 328 0006.




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