Stars offer recipes for charity cookbook

Cooking up a great idea ... Viva founder Dan Schumann with a copy of the celebrity cookbook. MNJP-03-11-12 RM 015

Cooking up a great idea ... Viva founder Dan Schumann with a copy of the celebrity cookbook. MNJP-03-11-12 RM 015

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A cookbook packed with celebrity’s favourite recipes will be helping to boost funds for a Soham theatre group.

Over the past few months, Dan Schumman, founder of the Viva Arts and Community Group, has been busy contacting friends and colleagues within the theatre industry in order to create The Viva Celebrity Cookbook.

It contains tasty recipes from some of the finest and best-known performers and public figures, who all agreed to donate their dishes to raise money for the group.

They include Paul O’Grady’s banana and peanut milkshake, Julie Walters’ cockle delight, Dame DianaRigg’s smoked salmon and David Mitchell’s bread and butter putting, to name a few. Other contributers include Joanna Lumley, Angus Deayton and Prime Minister David Cameron.

Mr Schumann, who started the Viva group in 1997, said the cookbook was a way of raising funds during a tough period for charities.

“In these difficult times it is getting harder and harder for local charities like Viva and I had the idea of putting together a celebrity cookbook which we can sell to help raise the funds needed to keep the valuable community work of Viva going,” he said.

“For the last six months I have been collecting recipes and writing to friends and colleagues for contributions and now I am thrilled that this unique project has come together at last.

“ I am hugely grateful to all of my friends and colleagues within the theatre for giving their time and donating their recipes.

“I would especially like to thank Viva president Mike Fenston Stevens, SHBB Publishing, our illustrator Luke Smith and our sponsors Thurlow Nunn Standan, James Graven Ltd and Burrows Bookshop.

A free book launch will be held at The Brook in Soham on November 16 from 8pm.

People are invited to go along and taste some of the recipes featured in the book, specially prepared by The Brook’s award-winning chef.

Books will also be on sale priced £9.99.

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