Man puts up £1k for charity after 4x4 theft

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A Newmarket man is willing to make a £1,000 donation to charity for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved with the theft of his 4x4.

Adrian Parry, of Snailwell Road, has offered to hand over the four-figure sum, along with putting up a £1,000 reward, following the theft of his Land Rover Defender.

The car, which is valued at around £35,000, was stolen from Mr Parry’s Balaton Lodge home between 6.45pm and 9.20pm on Thursday.

“I just feel so incensed by those that have done this. It really isn’t the best Christmas present,” said Mr Parry.

“However I thought to myself I want to make something good come of this situation so I decided that I would hand over £1,000 to Suffolk Police to distribute to a charity of their choice should the relevant information come forward.”

Thieves broke into Mr Parry’s property after forcing open a set of electric gates and breaking into his garage.

After entering the garage, the intruders smashed into a safe which contained the keys of the car before driving off in the vehicle, with registration SB13 UJR, which was parked on the drive way.

“I had just got back from town and I noticed that the gates had been broken and I thought then that something was amiss,” said Mr Parry.

“At that point sheer panic came over me as I was thinking ‘is my family all right?’ as my wife had got back before me and my 16-year-old son was home alone prior to her arrival.

“But they didn’t go into the house, instead they focused on the garage, which makes me think that they had been watching the property beforehand.”

In targeting the Land Rover, the thieves left the former chief executive of Renew Insurance’s Ferrari California, Bentley GTC and Rolls Royce Ghost alone.

“The reason they went for the Land Rover is it was the only car without a GPS tracking system in it,” said Mr Parry.

“All the other cars have it so, had they been stolen, I would have been alerted by the police within minutes of them going missing.”

Anyone with information regarding the theft should contact Pc John Wilson at Mildenhall Police Station on 101.




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