Man broke his mum’s nose in roadside attack

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A man attacked his parents, kicking his father in the head and breaking his mother’s nose, after drinking heavily at a family wedding.

Thirty-three-year-old Nathan Gardner, of Aster Close, Red Lodge, had gone to the wedding at the Riverside Hotel in Mildenhall with his six-year-old daughter and his parents in August but, at the reception, Ipswich Crown Court heard he had got “extremely drunk” and, during the early hours 
of the next day, on the way back to Red Lodge in a taxi, became argumentative and abusive.

Prosecuting, Richard Jackson said Gardner made accusations against his father before threatening to kill both his parents. His father asked the taxi driver to stop, which he did in Turnpike Road in Red Lodge.

Then, without warning, the court heard Mr Gardner was punched by his son as he got out of the car. He ended up on the ground where he was then kicked in the back of the head, leaving him with a concussion.

Mr Jackson said that as Mrs Gardner, 57, tried to pull her son away he punched her hard in the face breaking her nose. Gardner, seeing his mother covered in blood, stopped briefly before he punched her in the face again.

“It was a full force punch. She said her chest felt that it was going to explode and the force of the punch knocked her down to the floor,” said Mr Jackson. In a statement, Mrs Gardner later said: “The utter mind blowing, devastating terror and pain I felt that night will stay with me until I die”. The couple managed to get back into the taxi but, as it drove away, Gardner smashed a side window with his fist. The driver pulled up in a lay-by and flagged down a passing police car.

Neighbours said that Gardner had arrived home drunk, bare chested and threatening to stab people. After he was arrested when he was shown photographs of the injuries he had caused to his mother he said: “Oh my God. I’m so, so sorry mum.”

Mitigating, Joanne Eley said: “He knows that alcohol is the trigger to his bad behaviour. He said sober he would never have acted in the way that he did.” Gardner, who admitted assaulting his father, causing actual bodily harm to his mother, and damaging the taxi, was jailed for two years and three months.




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