Journal, May 23, 1914

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In a letter to the Journal, solicitors representing the Newmarket and District Licensed Victuallers’ Association said: “It is a fact that the condition of matters during the last two race weeks has been very bad and a large number of ex-convicts and other bad characters have infested the town and been a nuisance both to the licensed victuallers and other tradesmen and to the inhabitants generally and it is imperative that some steps should be taken by the various authorities to stop the influx of these visitors and if this cannot be done to have them looked after, and controlled,by a force of plain clothed detectives and policemen.

It is the practice of these people to visit licensed houses and shops and levy contributions either in shape of money, or food, by threats of disturbance and that they obtain considerable sums by this kind of blackmail. Some of these people have been heard to boast openly that they can do as they like in Newmarket.

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