Hospital opens new assessment unit

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editorial image

A new £800,000 unit which will provide assessment and treatment for short stay 
patients while helping to avoid unnecessary admissions has opened at West Suffolk 
Hospital in Bury St Edmunds.

The clinical decision unit (CDU) has been built in a courtyard garden next to the

emergency department and can cater for six patients in beds and a further four in 
reclining chairs at any one time.

It will care for patients who have come into 
hospital through the emergency department and need a few hours of monitoring or treatment before a decision is taken on whether to admit them to a ward or discharge them.

This could include patients who are recovering from an anaesthetic, have suffered concussion or an overdose, are waiting for additional test results or need extra observation before they can be discharged.

Patients in the unit will 
remain under the care of emergency medicine consultants, and will stay in the unit for a maximum of around 12 hours.

Anyone who needs to stay in hospital for more than a few hours will continue to be 
admitted directly to a ward from the emergency department.

Jon Green, chief operating officer at West Suffolk Hospital, said: “We are pleased that we have been able to open this unit in time for the winter, which is always a busy time for the NHS.

“We estimate that this will help us prevent up to 15 
unnecessary admissions to the main hospital every day, in turn making sure our beds remain available for those in the greatest clinical need.”




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