Business looks good for Suffolk in 2014

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The hard-working entrepreneurial business community is good for the whole of Suffolk, the Chief Executive of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce has said today as the business group launches its 2014 campaign.

Business is Good for Suffolk is the 2014 themed year for Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and comes on the back of the successful 2013 ‘Exporting is Good for Suffolk’ which received personal endorsement from the Prime Minister.

“There is no doubt that as we enter 2014 firms across the county are experiencing a great deal of optimism,” said John Dugmore, the Chief Executive of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce.

“Their hard work and entrepreneurial spirit has laid strong foundations for the Suffolk economy to go from strength to strength in the year ahead.

“Exporting is Good for Suffolk showed the real power of local companies exporting to the UK, the EU and around the world. In 2014, our campaign and our message is simple but is more powerful than ever.”

Business is Good for Suffolk is a themed year that shows businesses and their contribution to the economy goes much further than just the business community.

Mr Dugmore said: “A strong thriving and growing business sector has a knock on effect on the daily lives of everyone living, working and visiting our county and this campaign is all about highlighting that. For example, as we enter the New Year, many people will be thinking about warmer weather and booking their holidays in the summer. The Suffolk tourist industry is an integral part of the county’s success and brings jobs and livelihoods to thousands of people every year. Business in Good for Suffolk is all about highlighting that and ensuring we all benefit in as many ways as possible.”

The Chamber of Commerce has an annual calendar of events that help to support business in the year ahead.




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