Burglars deal cruel shock

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Thieves who trashed a pensioner’s home as she visited her seriously ill husband in hospital have been branded ‘lowlifes’.

Susan Sheppard, 65, returned to her Fordham home from Addenbrooke’s Hospital, where her 67-year-old husband Robert is currently undergoing treatment, on Monday, to find their home had been wrecked by burglars who had urinated on her bedroom floor and stolen jewellery including a locket, which was of huge sentimental value to her.

“Robert gave the locket to me when I turned 18 and it has got a photo of me in it,” she said.

“When I saw the house had been broken into it was the first thing that came into my mind because it was so sentimental. It is devastating. It’s the last straw when you are already struggling with a very ill person on your own. You think, what else can be thrown at you?”

Mrs Sheppard said she got home at around 2.15pm to find a pane of glass in her front door had been smashed. Foiled by a deadlock, the burglars had gone round the back and smashed the patio door.

“Every drawer in my bedroom was tipped out. All my jewellery was gone and they urinated on my bedroom floor,” said Mrs Sheppard.

Unable to remove the television, the intruders had smashed it. “There was no cash in the house so they took my jewellery. To be polite, I think they are lowlifes,” said Mrs Sheppard.

Her daughter, Emily, 36, made a plea for the return of her mother’s locket. We would just like the jewellery back,” she said. “Things that remind my mum and dad of holidays they’ve been on. A lifetime of things that remind my mum of being with my dad.

“It doesn’t mean anything to them but it means a lot to my mum and dad.”

Anyone with any information should call 101 or Crimestoppers on 080055111.

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