Journal, March 14, 1914

The Post Office Telegraphs Department having given notice of their intention to construct an overhead telegraph line along the north side of the Cambridge Road from the cemetery to the district boundary, the clerk was directed to reply that the council considered it would be advisable for a row of poles and wires to be placed on both sides of the road, seeing that it was used so much by racehorses and hoped the department would be able to make arrangements for places the additional wires along the same side as the present wires.

Mr Griffiths, of Newmarket Urban District Council, said that unfortunately the council had passed a resolution on May 5, 1913 granting the department permission to place poles on the north side of the road . Chairman Mr H Holland said: “I still think they might be asked to put the new wires on the other side. “ New poles on the same side would be dangerous as the present ones were overloaded the council was told.