Journal, June 1, 1989

Brewers Greene King have recalled barrels of tainted beer from pubs in the 
Newmarket area after customers complained about the taste.

The Bury St Edmunds brewery has been testing barrels of its IPA bitter from deliveries made to pubs in the district on Monday and Tuesday of last week and have recalled a number of barrels while emphasising that there is nothing harmful in the affected brew.

Greene King is blaming a faulty water softening plant for the poor brew of its biggest selling beer.

John Foster, in charge of production , said: “It was quite harmless and the 
problem has now been rectified.”

One landlord said he was extremely annoyed.

“It’s cost me hundreds of pounds and I’m afraid that it is not over yet because I have had a sniff of one of the barrels delivered today and I fear the worst.”

He said though the problem arose from cleaning fluid used in the brewing vats.