Gredley’s appeals thrown out

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Property developer Bill Gredley’s appeal to build a supermarket on a site partly occupied by the historic Queensbury Lodge Stables, has been thrown out by a government appointed inspector.

Today inspector John Gray ruled that two appeals lodged by Mr Gredley’s Unex Group, against decisions by Forest Heath District Council linked to the building of a new Asda supermarket with a car park on paddocks at Fitzroy House stables should be dismissed.

In his 18-page report he said that “the loss of the paddock land to a large, modern, car-oriented, retail development would be a failure to protect and conserve the historic environment.”

He added that the retail development would mean “significant harm to the vitality and viability of the town centre.”

In conclusion he said there were no benefits in retail terms, or for the town centre, that could outweigh his conclusion on the main issue, that “there would be harm to the policies that seek to protect or conserve the horse racing industry’s economic and cultural contribution to Newmarket.”

For full report and reaction see Thursday’s Newmarket Journal