Fight night to fund dream trip for Max

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A Newmarket husband and wife are entering the boxing ring to send their friends’ brave son, who has fought cancer for 18 months, to DisneyLand.

Matt and Kim Bonner, from Vicarage Road, have organised a white collar fight night in aid of six-year-old Max McKenzie, who is blind in one eye after surgery which removed a brain tumour.

Their fight fees and funds raised at the event at High Street nightclub Innocence 
tomorrow will go towards sending Max on his dream trip.

Max found out that he had a rare brain tumour behind his left eye when he went for a 
routine eye examination and has since had undergone chemotherapy to try and fight it. Mr and Mrs Bonner, who moved to Newmarket five years ago, are long-time friends of Max’s parents, Daniel and Rachel, who live in Sawston.

“Max has had a very rough time,” said Matt, 30, who plays for Newmarket Town FC.

“He’s back at home and living normally but as for the long term effects no one is sure, which is why people have come together and said ‘let’s get him to Disney Land’”.

Newmarket-based personal trainer and boxing promoter, Pat McAleese, has helped to organise the Box2Box2Boxer event, the first to be staged at the nightclub.

Fighters on the bill include Red Lodge football club manager Jay Stevens while Mrs Bonner is set to make her debut appearance in a ring.

“I wasn’t overly keen,” said Matt, “but she is quite head strong so I didn’t have a choice.”