Family ties will help young Seb

James and Lorna Brokenshire Dyke with twins Solomon ans Seb. ANL-150115-122136001
James and Lorna Brokenshire Dyke with twins Solomon ans Seb. ANL-150115-122136001
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A Snailwell couple are planning to run this year’s London Marathon tied together to help raise funds for their one-year-old son Seb to have the surgery they hope will help him walk and one day be able to run.

Lorna and James Brokenshire-Dyke began fund raising last autumn and have already got £16,000 towards the £70,000 it will cost to take Seb, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP) Spastic Diplegia when he was 15 months old, to the St Louis Children’s Hospital in Missouri, USA, the world leading centre for the surgery he needs.

The couple said they have been overwhelmed by the response they have had from family, friends and strangers to their efforts. They are hoping to run the marathon three-legged to mimic how Seb’s condition affects his legs.

“This is what we imagine it feels like for our son and so, in support of his daily struggles to do even the simplest of things, we will endeavour to disable 
our legs in the way that his are,” said Lorna, who works as a vet 
for Newmarket practice Rossdales.

“Seb is one of twins and he would love to be able to do all of the things his twin brother Solomon can, the things we all take for granted such as walking, jumping, splashing in puddles, kicking a football,” she said.

The surgery will remove or reduce the spasticity in his legs so Seb can move more freely and the money raised will pay for the surgery, aftercare, a prolonged course of intensive physiotherapy and any specialist equipment he might need.

If you would like to help Seb, go to his website for more information.