Dog owners thanked for support for Trust’s work

Animal Health Trust ANL-141114-170015001
Animal Health Trust ANL-141114-170015001
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More than 35 Italian Spinone owners and breeders attended a special day at the Animal Health Trust (AHT)to help support research projects into diseases commonly found in the breed.

Among them was Italian Spinone Club of Great Britain’s health co-ordinator, Elaine Kirkham. They had been invited to hear updates on projects looking at the prevalence and genetic basis of idiopathic epilepsy and cancer in the breed.

There were presentations from the AHT’s head of neurology, Dr. Luisa De Risio, head of canine genetics, Dr. Cathryn Mellersh, and head of oncology, Davide Berlato. The day also included a tour of the trust’s small animal clinic. Dr Mellersh said: “It’s this kind of relationship with breed clubs and owners that enables our clinicians and scientists to carry out their important research that can have such a positive effect on the lives of hundreds of dogs - so I’d really like to thank everyone for attending and further contributing towards our work.”