Dog lover calls for action after attacks

A Newmarket dog lover has called for action after he and his wife were attacked by dogs not on leads

Full-time student James Chipps, who lives in Periman Close, shocked members of Newmarket Town Council on Monday when he told how he had been savaged by two Staffordshire Bull terriers as he took his own dog for a walk late on Thursday.

The incident left him with a serious injury to his hand, for which he is still receiving hospital treatment.

And the attack came just four months after his wife, Judith, was also attacked by another bull terrier as she walked the couple’s own pet, a Rhodesian Ridgeback called Nelson, along the town’s Yellow Brick Road on Boxing Day.

“It was trying to bite our dog and then ran and attacked my wife while the owners just watched,” said Mr Chipps.

“She was covered with scratches and had a puncture wound on her left leg which needed hospital treatment.”

He is now appealing for council action to fence off an area of grass close to where the couple live so dogs can be exercised on or off leads away from other residents.

“There are some residents who are scared to walk down there when they see dogs not on a lead.

“I have spoken to a number of residents and the majority are in agreement and are worried by dogs off the lead.”

Mr Chipps told councillors he had reported Thursday’s attack to police.

“I was told there was nothing they could do as there is one policeman in Newmarket and that I should protect myself.”

Cllr Joy Uney said it was disappointing that, once again, there was no local police representative at Monday’s meeting to answer concerns.