Council’s tourism windfall

Mildenhall Parish Council has benefited to the tune of £3,500 following a change in direction by a tourist information service at district level.

Following a reshuffle by Forest Heath District Council the parish council will no longer be required to hand over the four-figure sum to help pay for the soon to be replaced service.

“The district council will still be promoting tourist information in the town but in a different way,” said David Bowman, parish councillor.

“In that restructuring of their tourist information services they no longer require the money from us,”

As part of the changes set to be implemented in Mildenhall it will see tourist information services no longer based solely at the town’s bus station in King Street.

“Instead of having one central point there will be several points around the town allowing people to have easier access to information,” said Cllr Bowman.

“This may be in the form of flyers in shops, or by way of posters giving people phone number and web site links.”

“We’ve been talking about this for about a year with Forest Heath to see what is feasible and to make sure we get things right.”

As to where the extra cash might go Cllr Bowman has suggested that it could be used in a similar role to what it was previously used for at district council level to help promote the town.

“I would think this money will be used to help us put out more information as we do have a lot of things to advertise although no decision has been made on that yet,” said Cllr Bowman.

“While it may take a while for people to get use to it I am sure it will be better in the long run.”