Concerns at homes plans

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Residents and parish councillors in Lakenheath have voiced their concerns over proposals to build hundreds of new homes in the village.

Around 50 residents packed out a meeting held by Lakenheath Parish Council at the village’s Methodist Hall on Monday to discuss four potential building developments in the village, including two from Elveden Estates and one from Bennett Homes.

Many residents expressed fears over increased traffic problems, the lack infrastructure and the noise levels one of the plans would be subject to due to its proximity the nearby airbase.

“My fear is that we are building the slums of tomorrow. Pack them in and let them worry about it later,” said Cllr John Gentle.

However, despite concerns being raised, those in attendance were told that new housing will still be built at some point over the next 16 years.

“I am afraid to say that the National Planning Policy Framework is king and up to 800 houses will be coming to the village between now at 2031 whether we like it or not,” said David Gathercole, chairman of Lakenheath Parish Council.

“It is up to us all to make the best of a bad job as this will have a profound impact on the village for the next 100 to 150 years.”

Councillors withdrew their support for a proposal put forward by Elveden Estates to build 750 homes in the village after the majority voted against the plan.

Following a discussion it was proposed, and passed, that a report into the infrastructure needs 800 homes will generate for the village, paid for by the interested developers, should be carried out before any future development is considered.