Company celebrates 60 years in Newmarket

GE Electronics, Newmarket 60th  anniversary
GE Electronics, Newmarket 60th anniversary

A Newmarket company has been celebrating 60 years of operation in the town. Micro electronic engineers GE Aviation, was originally formed as the Newmarket Transistor Development Company and still occupies the same site in Exning Road where a factory was purpose-built in 1954.

To mark the 60th anniversary the factory has been refurbished and a special lunch was held for past and present employees. Today the company employs 70 workers at Newmarket making custom electronics for military, telecoms and industrial markets. Its customers include Rolls Royce, and BAe Systems and it supplies around 40,000 compoments a year.

“The key factors that have contributed to the success of the business are the loyalty and commitment of the workforce, many of who have worked here for over 30 years,” said company spokeswoman Jenny Hughes.