Charity horse show pair step aside

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The organisers of a popular charity horse show which had been part of Newmarket’s July Festival have decided to step down from the role.

Colleen and Kerry Salmon have called time on running the Newmarket In Hand Charity Horse Show after staging them on and off for the past 18 years.

Over the years the show, which has recently been held at the Animal Health Trust near Kentford, has helped raise more than £30,000 for various charities including Cancer Research UK and Guide Dogs UK.

“It is just too much for us to do all on our own now,” said Colleen.

“It’s not just the turning up on the day to set up, but the chasing up of sponsorship before hand, clearing up afterwards.

“We have made some great friends through doing these shows and hopefully we will keep in contact with them, while thanks go out to those that have sponsored and supported us.”

Although the sisters, who run Willow Stables in Soham, have made their decision, they have indicated that they would be willing to help anyone wanting to take it over.

“We had already put the word out asking for help and asking people to take the show over but not one person stepped forward,” said Colleen.

“If a crowd could get together to take it over then we would be more than happy to help give some advice on how to run it.”

While the pair will no longer run their annual charity horse show they will be staging a charity thoroughbred in-hand show at the second day of next month’s Fenland Country Fair on Saturday, August 23.

For more details contact Colleen on 07724 069766.