Burglar cost company three months’ work

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Latest crime and court news from the Newmarket Journal, newmarketjournal.co.uk, @nktjournal on Twitter
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A prolific burglar who helped to steal computer equipment containing three months worth of work done by a Newmarket company has been jailed.

Terrance Knight, 48, who had 24 previous convictions for burglary stood convicted of three more when he appeared at Ipswich Crown Court on Monday.

The father-of-four had been involved in stripping £40,000 worth of computers and related equipment from an office building at the Goodwin Business Park in Willie Snaith Road on January 10. Police believed the property had been targeted specifically because it contained a high number of computers.

The three companies who lost equipment during the raid were Newprint, Diasma Ltd and Cubiqdesign Ltd.

When Knight was sentenced, it emerged that not only were all the laptop computers stolen from Cubiqdesign, but also the company’s computer server which acted as its backup.

Prosecutor, Nicola Devas, said that as a result Cubiqdesign lost the previous three months of work. None of the stolen equipment has been recovered.

The court heard that Knight, of London, had a total of 60 previous convictions more trhan 20 for burglaries s and two for burglaries committed in Thailand.

Mitigating, Laura Vernon-Collier claimed Knight’s offending was directly linked to his use of heroin and cocaine.

She said Knight had not acted alone and had not been responsible for identifying the office building in Newmarket as a suitable target for theft, said Miss Vernon-Collier. He maintained that his role had been as a driver.

Sentencing him to three years’ imprisonment, Recorder Christopher Makey told Knight: “The real difficulty was not just the loss of equipment which could be replaced but the fact that one of the companies, Cubiqdesign, lost its server on which it had all its work for three months.”

The theft had had a “quite significant impact” on the business which was forced to recreate the work done over the previous three months, said Mr Recorder Makey.