Bid to build crossing at primary school

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A pedestrian crossing which could be built at a Soham primary school could save lives, according to a town councillor.

Soham Town Council is to ask Cambridgeshire County Council for £10,000, which it would match, for a crossing at The Weatheralls primary school, under a highways improvement initiative in the 2015/16 financial year.

A lollipop lady currently helps pupils from the school across the road every morning and afternoon but town councillor Gerard Hobbs said it needed additional road safety measures.

“It’s critical at the moment at The Weatheralls,” said Cllr Hobbs. “There’s going to be a fatality some time soon because it’s bedlam there.”

“Anything that makes the journey to and from school safer would be excellent,” said The Weatheralls headteacher Chrissy Barclay. “It would add that extra level of safety.”

Councillors voted on Monday to apply for funding for a crossing at the Sand Street school over a light-controlled crossing at the town’s Shade school because it had a larger number of pupils.

The Weatheralls has 570 pupils on its school roll compared to 61 at The Shade, which opened its doors in January.

Cllr Julie Webb said she would have preferred a crossing at the The Shade as it was on a major road.

Vice chairman Cllr Geoff Fisher said the council would consider applying for funding for a crossing at The Shade in 2016/17.

“I think it’s very important that the council are looking into a crossing at The Shade,” said its headteacher Lisa Gregory.