Bar’s paint job is all white now

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It may have seemed patriotic but the colour scheme chosen by a Newmarket High Street bar only succeeded in making residents and councillors see red.

Now, because of the number of complaints received, the owners of the Newmarket Gym sports bar, once the town’s Doric Cinema, have painted over the red-and-blue decor with white.

The building is a feature of the town centre conservation area. Residents and councillors voiced concerns about the paint job at the annual meeting of the town in May. They said the garish colour scheme was out of keeping and detrimental to the character of the street scene and area.

As a result, Forest Heath District Council wrote to the owners of the bar requesting that they repaint the columns the original white colour and remove unauthorised signs.

Theaction was part of a comprehensive review of Newmarket which the council said had an attractive town centre which was being spoiled by a number of unauthorised activities.

Forest Heath District Council leader Cllr James Waters said: “Newmarket is an important and attractive retail centre in Forest Heath and the council received lots of complaints about this issue.

“Residents and neighbouring businesses were not happy with the red paintwork. The conservation area exists to protect the appearance of the area to the benefit of those who live, visit and work there.

“I am pleased that the owners of the bar have reacted positively to our intervention.”

Dawn Kelly, the bar’s managing director, said the staff didn’t like the colours much either – but had originally thought the red, white and blue was a good idea because of the World Cup.”