Bad parking is a threat, say police

The lives of elderly residents from a Mildenhall town centre nursing home are at risk, say police, as drivers are taking parking space needed for ambulances.

Emergency services needing parking access to Mabbs Hall Nursing Home have found illegally-parked cars blocking the way.

Drivers could instead use the town’s free car parks.

High Street shops are having their parking bays pinched too - and suffering abuse from drivers when challenging them.

Mildenhall Safer Neighbourhood Team, headed by Sergeant Jason Francis, are cracking down on the issue.

Sgt Francis said: “There have been instances where ambulances needing access to or from Mabbs Hall have been unable to get past as vehicles have been parked in front of the barrier.

“The irresponsible attitude of a few could cause danger to life and loss of business.

“Mildenhall offers a wealth of free parking. Please make full use of this and take that extra couple of minutes to park in a legal and responsible manner.

“Mildenhall SNT will be taking enforcement action for all offences in this area.”

Drivers face a £30 fine if caught.