Am-dram veteran leaves Newmarket

Wallace Wareham, who founded the youth section of Newmarket’s popular amateur dramatic group Nomads, has left the town after more than 40 years.

Mr Wareham, who is 75, has moved to Horwich, near Bolton, to be closer to his daughter, Lucy, who also lives in the town. He left Newmarket in September but returned briefly in October when he co-directed Young Nomads’ production of The King and I, one of the most ambitious projects ever staged by the group.

“It was a very proud moment and a very sad one, too,” said Mr Wareham, “Some of the children were in tears and it was a very emotional farewell.”

He said many people connected with the group did not realise he had left.

“I felt that all the people who had supported me and my family deserved an explanation,”

A Newmarket resident since 1965, Mr Wareham joined Nomads in 1971, founding the youth section in 1980.

“One of the most gratifying things for me is how many former Young Nomads have gone on to great success in the acting and theatre world,” he said.