10,000 support stadium’s battle

An online petition started at the end of last month has more than doubled the number of people supporting the owners of Mildenhall Stadium in their fight against noise protesters.

Since launching an official e-petition in their call to government to establish a change in a noise nuisance law, RDC Promotions, owners of the stadium, have seen the number supporting their campaign rise from around 1,800 to over 10,000.

The company, which also promotes stock car meetings at Dover Raceway, is seeking a change in the existing law after a Supreme Court decision ruled in favour of former residents Raymond Shields and Katherine Lawrence in their noise nuisance case against the West Row based venue.

“I thought we might reach 10,00 signatures within a few weeks of setting the whole thing up but we have reached it quicker than we anticipated,” said Dave Coventry, of RDC Promotions.

Although the online petition has taken off in recent days, Mr Coventry has continued to ensure that word continues to get around about their push for the campaign to get to Parliament.

“On Sunday we gathered a load more signatures at Standlake Arena in Oxfordshire, while I have also done a bit on Radio Suffolk which I have heard went down well,” said Mr Coventry.

“Although it won’t have any weight in Parliament we plan in the next couple of weeks to also set up a youth petition for those under 18 to show how it affects those too.”

While the campaign has captured the support of those involved with stock car racing, speedway and greyhound racing, Mr Coventry has claimed that several MPs have made enquiries about the petition.

“Although at this stage we do not want to reveal any names we have had several MPs interested as to what is going on,” said Mr Coventry.

“It is good to know that others from outside areas are prepared to back this.”

On Sunday a copy of the petition will be available to sign during the Mildenhall Fen Tigers National Trophy encounter with Stoke Potters (3.30pm).

The online petition can be found at epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/62894.

The case is set to return to the Supreme Court on May